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Mac software design and coding. We craft products with love.

We strive to thrill and delight with great user experiences, beautiful UIs, and clean interactions. Check out our apps and see for yourself.
Founded in 2012 and based in Canada, we are a privately held company that specializes in crafting beautiful Mac and iOS software.
Drop us a note if you are in need of software design and coding services for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, or if you would just like to say ‘hello’.
Stay informed with the latest news about our company, our products, and any other seemingly random bits and bytes.

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Brainstorm different.

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Crypto mining stats. With style.

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Apple Chess. Only better.


Events and Press


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Dalmazio Brisinda

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Dalmazio started programming macOS and Cocoa in a previous incarnation when it was still known as NeXTstep. Working with many languages and frameworks over the years, he's come back to his long-lost digital love. After all, home is where the heart is.
Some of the open-source projects Dalmazio has been involved with in recent years include those related to peer-to-peer technologies and articulatory speech synthesis. Other technologies he has worked with include mobile cloud computing, kiosk systems, visually assistive technologies, and applications geared towards creative professionals. But most important to Dalmazio is the design and craft of beautiful software with keen attention to the user experience.

Generally, unique and interesting applications of technology with a distinct design-focus is often enough to pique Dalmazio's interest. Feel free to drop him a line to discuss your Mac, iPhone, or iPad project requirements.

Strengths: macOS, iOS, Objective-C, writing, listening, problem-solving, seeing the forest, seeing the trees, quick learn, software design, and a strong aesthetic sensibility.

Wednesday the 1st of March 2017
Posted by Dalmazio Brisinda
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