Notebook terminology

Notebook pages consist of a media page, a text page or a combination of the two.

In the Print Media industry a single full-width page is also called a spread. A spread usually contains two physical pages, but can also contain many more, as in the case of fold-outs.

In Storme, a spread can consist of one or two pages, and pages can be either a media page or a text page.

In the interests of simplicity and consistency, from now on we shall refer to spreads as notebook pages, which consist of a media page, a text page, or any combination of the two.

Keyboard Focus

Keyboard focus is the phrase for describing which view is ready for receiving keyboard input when you have more than one view. In Storme, you can have two pages side by side which presents a small keyboard focus challenge.

Single full-width media pages or text pages (spreads with a single page) automatically get keyboard focus when you change to them.

For notebook pages (spreads) with two subpages, the last subpage that had focus gets focus when you change back to it.

When opening a notebook, it’s the left page that receives keyboard focus initially.

When in doubt, clicking in a page will give it keyboard focus.

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