Zooming and panning


In most applications, pinch-to-zoom is the preferred zooming metaphor, and for good reason.

However, in Storme, zooming the media page canvas is such a frequent and important operation that it needs to be done with greater ease. Try holding your hand in a pinch-to-zoom gesture for more than a few minutes, and you will quickly realize how tiresome it becomes.

In Storme, you zoom the canvas in by scrolling down, and zoom the canvas out by scrolling up. Simple. Effortless. Your hands will thank you.

You can also zoom the media page canvas using the shortcuts that follow. Zoom to fit zooms the media page canvas to fit within the current visible page:

Action Shortcut
Zoom in Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-+
Zoom out Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-–
Zoom to fit Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-0

Smart zooming

Smart zoom is a feature that allows you to zoom in and focus on one media item, while allowing you to change that focus to nearby media items without having to zoom out, pan, and zoom back in again.

Simply double-click any media item to activate smart zoom on that item. When you’ve had your fill of inspection at close quarters, double-click a nearby media item without panning or unzooming the canvas, and it will now become front and center. You can repeat with any nearby media items that are partially visible. Smart zoom stays in effect until you manually zoom or pan the canvas, or interact with the canvas or its media items in any other way.

If you click on a text note, it will also smart zoom, but it will go into edit mode. Whether you choose to edit the text note or not, simply double-click another media item and smart zoom will bring it front and center.

Zoom to cursor

To zoom the media page canvas to the mouse cursor, simply press Command (⌘) while zooming.


To pan the media page canvas, simply click anywhere on the canvas and drag.

Additionally, you can pan by pressing Option (⌥) while scrolling.

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