Keyboard shortcuts

Adding Pages to the Notebook Shortcut
Add media page Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-M
Add text page Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-T
Adding Notes to Media Pages  
Add text note Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-X
Add audio note Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-D
Add video note Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-V
Adding Captures to Media Pages  
Add photo capture Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-H
Add webpage capture Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-W
Adding Media  
Opening the media browser Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-O
Placing Media  
Bring to front Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-F
Send to back Shift (⇧)-Command (⌘)-B
Formatting Media  
Format as horizontal flex Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-H
Format as vertical flex Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-V
Format as fixed Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-X
Format as photo Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-P
Format as scatter Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-S
Format as random Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-R
Editing Text Notes  
Insert newline Option (⌥)-Enter
Navigating the Notebook  
Previous page Option (⌥)-←
Next page Option (⌥)-→
First page Option (⌥)-Command (⌘)-←
Last page Option (⌥)-Command (⌘)-→
Zooming Views  
Zoom in Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-+
Zoom out Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-–
Zoom to fit Control (⌃)-Command (⌘)-0
Moving Media  
Move left    Shift (⇧)-←
Move right Shift (⇧)-→
Move up Shift (⇧)-↑
Move down Shift (⇧)-↓
Move left by 1 pt    Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-←
Move right by 1 pt Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-→
Move up by 1 pt Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-↑
Move down by 1 pt Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-↓
Panning the Media Page Canvas  
Pan left Option (⌥)-←
Pan right Option (⌥)-→
Pan up Option (⌥)-↑
Pan down Option (⌥)-↓
Showing Accessory Views  
Show/hide table of contents Option (⌥)-Command (⌘)-T
Show/hide page thumbnails Option (⌥)-Command (⌘)-P
Scrolling the Table of Contents  
Scroll left
Scroll right
Scroll left medium Option (⌥)-←
Scroll right medium Option (⌥)-→
Scroll left large Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-←
Scroll right large Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-→
Scroll to beginning Command (⌘)-←
Scroll to end Command (⌘)-→
Scrolling the Page Thumbnails View  
Scroll up
Scroll down
Scroll up medium Option (⌥)-↑
Scroll down medium Option (⌥)-↓
Scroll up large Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-↑
Scroll down large Shift (⇧)-Option (⌥)-↓
Scroll to top Command (⌘)-↑
Scroll to bottom Command (⌘)-↓